Yogi and Partners provide legal services to several foreign and Indian corporate, multilateral agencies and institutions. These include Intellectual Property (IP) registration, prosecution and litigation of all intellectual properties, including trademark, copyright, design and other contentious issues; Intellectual Property portfolio management, all Licensing assignments, Franchises and other IP related transactions, including IP audit, custom complaints, etc.


  • Trademark search, strategizing and securing registrations
  • Renewals and restorations of registrations
  • Watch service for conflicting marks with recommendation on oppositions
  • Filing oppositions and rectifications against conflicting trademarks
  • Record assignments of ownership, licensed/permitted users
  • Negotiations and execution of co-existence agreements
  • Market survey and investigation of imitations for enforcement action
  • Handles infringement and passing off proceedings before courts and tribunals

IP Enforcement

  • Strategizing IP protection and enforcement;
  • Processing civil and criminal IP enforcement actions, securing injunctive reliefs, seizure of goods which are infringing IP or counterfeit, compensatory and punitive damages etc.
  • Initiating proceedings with Customs under Border Measures Regulations to prevent infringing and unlawful import and export;
  • Conducting investigation against general as well as targeted infringers throughout all jurisdictions in India;
  • Administrative proceedings against cyber squatters; domain name disputes in all jurisdictions;
  • Securing IP enforcement and legal compliances against IP violations

Cyber Law & Information Technology

  • Securing domain name registration and protection
  • Administrative proceedings against cyber squatters
  • Data management and enforcement against electronic data theft
  • Advisory and Enforcement of IP Rights online, the scope of orders and intermediary liability

Collaboration & Franchising

  • Strategizing and drafting collaboration and franchise/license agreements to fulfil the business objectives per national laws and international treaties and conventions.

Trade Secrets, Know-How & Breach of Confidence

  • Strategizing, drafting and handling documentation to secure data management and confidential information;
  • Collaborations and transfer of know-how (technology transfer);
  • Enforcement against breach of trust, confidence and trade secrets.